Climate Risk Services

The CLARE Climate Risk Services focus on long-term climate risk information. They include Climate Risk Reports that aim to contextualise the climate variability and change in the context of the socio-economic exposure and vulnerability in ODA-eligible regions of Africa and Asia, produced through a collaboration between the Met Office and ODI, and funded by FCDO. The reports provide accessible and authoritative evidence to UK Government on climate risk in support of adaptation and resilience planning and investments. They present a top-level regional overview of potential risks to development associated with climate and climate change out to the 2050s, signposting to key issues and complexities.

The reports look at climate risk as a combination of hazard, exposure, and vulnerability. Each report captures critical information about the weather and climate which is evaluated in the context of the lives and livelihoods of the populations affected. This risk-based approach helps to frame the challenges of climate change in a way that can best inform action. The climate risk reports frame evidence to inform development programming and actions that support climate resilience in current and future climate, and in current and future complex human-environment systems.

These reports are aimed to inform UK Government long-term planning and design of development programmes, including supporting the compliance of these programmes with mandatory climate risk assurance. For example, in 2023 the Central African Risk Report has been used by to support development of Congo Basin Business Case, and the Maritime report has informed a proposal to enhance the understanding of the potential impacts of climate change on economically important fisheries and ecosystems rich in biodiversity on the Sunda Shelf through demonstrating the value of shelf seas modelling.

Climate Risk Reports have been produced for the following regions:


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