Innovative Facilitation for Resilience (Fellowship)

Complex dialogue is needed to ensure that we are advancing the climate adaptation and resilience agenda at scale. This program supports a fellowship on innovative facilitation for resilience, including a diverse group of academics and practitioners who can build on prior experience facilitating climate-related engagements. The fellowship will support a total of 40 fellows across two cohorts — 20 in Asia and 20 in Africa — who will participate in an approximately year-long iterative learning process that nurtures a community of practice of facilitators for complex and socially inclusive climate dialogue.

Geographically, the fellowship initially includes a focus on South Africa, Uganda and Zambia in the Africa cohort, and Bangladesh, the Philippines and Nepal in the Asia cohort, with the possibility of involving fellows from other countries to be considered in the recruitment process. The learning process will combine theory and practice, including a series of regional in-person and global virtual engagements and workshops, as well as mentoring and support to put theory into practice, and opportunities to link and share across the two regional cohorts. The project will also develop a virtual training course and a series of learning tools, webinars and a facilitation podcast that will be available for the fellows and the wider adaptation community.