Gender equality and inclusion: Distribution and costs of adaptation (ECONOGENESIS)

The impacts of climate change will not be felt evenly around the world or across society. It will disproportionately affect people who face gender and other social inequalities, especially in the Global South. However, current estimates of the economic costs of climate change and the costs of adaptation do not include a breakdown of these effects. This gap in knowledge hinders national adaptation planning as well as the design of bankable adaptation projects that support gender equality and promote social inclusion. This project will conduct country-level studies in Nepal, Rwanda and Tanzania to address this gap. Working closely with key actors from government, private sector and civil society, this inter-disciplinary project will update previous studies on the economic costs of climate change and the costs of adaptation, and extend these to include gender, equality and social inclusion (GESI) dimensions. It will also advance gender-positive and inclusive programming for adaptation finance. The project will strengthen the capacity to integrate GESI dimensions in adaptation planning and programming by generating new information, working directly with stakeholders using co-creation methods, and providing training opportunities, including for early career researchers.

Photo Credit: International Committee for the Development of Peoples