Spatial surge forecasting using artificial intelligence and community knowledge (SURF-IT)

The project looks at coastal embankments in Southwest coastal regions of Bangladesh that often fail to protect the community against storm surges during cyclones. The work will be conducted in 20 Unions (lowest administrative divisions) included in four Upazilas (sub-districts) of the districts of Khulna and Satkhira. Research will inform and support the development of impact-based forecasts of water surge levels in selected inland tidal estuaries of the coastal areas of Bangladesh, with the option of scaling it nation-wide. Those forecasts promise to significantly improve the existing Early Action Protocols to reduce the impact of the surge on coastal people, especially on women and vulnerable groups, benefitting more than half a million people by the end of the project. For this to happen, the project will also investigate the conditions for the new protocols to be made operational by national authorities, and the conditions for its activation to truly benefit vulnerable groups, involving those groups in the design and testing of the protocol itself.

Photo credit: Muhammad Amdad Hossain

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